Hi Tomislav! I have prepared a challenge for you!

Quest 1.2 challenge: Define your goals and sign the contract with yourself

What you need:

       A desktop or a laptop computer with a browser.



 Define 3 goals for each category (for next years, for 5 and 10 years)

    1. Use the sentence structure: “My goal is to achieve …. by .....”
    2. Goals categories: Service / Social / Profit / Growth
    3. Use the SMART principles!
  1. Explain the goals to your buddy. Don’t let him/her to bring you down with “..that’s not possible...”, but listen to him anyway.
  2. Return to your goals after a couple of days and refine them
    1. The contract with yourself: “I, undersigned … ... , am promising myself and all who believe in me, that I will do anything that is in my powers to fulfill the following goals: ….”
  3. Write them in the form of contract with yourself. Find 2 witnesses to co-sign this contract.



Upload your (3) goals (text).


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