Hi {first_name}! I have prepared a challenge for you! 

Quest 1.1 Challenge: Define your elevator pitch

What you need:

       A desktop or a laptop computer with a browser.



1. Define your elevator pitch (max. 2 sentences). It should include:

  • What kind of problems do you solve for your clients
  • Who do you help
  • Why are you better / different than the competition
  • How do you do it

2. Test your elevator pitch with your (honest) colleague:

  • Search for the nearest elevator.
  • Step in on the 1st floor.Your friend should step in on 2nd floor.
  • Your friend should step in on 2nd floor.
  • Ride together to the 10th floor.
  • While riding the elevator, test your elevator pitch on your friend.
  • After 2 or 3 iterations (when your friend is convinced), write it down. 



 Upload your elevator pitch text.


Great progress {first_name}, until now you have already mastered: {course_progress} of the course!