{first_name}, let me explain the context first. During your quest, you will follow the role of Andrea, a fresh entrepreneur, 35, enthusiastic. She is trying to succeed with selling personal growth coaching services to medium sized companies.
I am her coach and you will get the insight in our training activities.


She has a psychology degree and she has finished some additional courses and certificates for coaching services. She had enough of the corporate environment and just started with her small company. 


Work environment:

Currently, she works at home and in a coworking space together with the other entrepreneurs.

Typical day:

She is brainstorming, preparing materials for her coaching services, presentations, infographics. One week per month she is performing her coaching services in various companies.


  • Does not know how to attract customers for her services.
  • Does not know how to grow the business.
  • She is alone for everything: searching for new customers, performing services, administrative tasks like preparing and sending the letters, financial management like issuing invoices and planning the cash-flow,...



  • She doesn’t want to fail the business and go to the regular 9-5 job.
  • She knows that she should be present on the web and social media, but she doesn’t want to expose herself / mix personal and business activities on Facebook.



She believes that using her communication skills she could win more customers and expand her business.



She wants to expand her business, employ additional employee(s) and work on the growth instead of everyday operations.



Low level of Web related IT knowledge, especially web, analytics, SEO.