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BPM Advanced (EN)

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ECBPM (ECQA Certified Business Process Manager) ADVANCED level
An advanced course for middle managers: process owners, process designers, quality managers, business analysts, IT architects, IT developers, CIOs, CTOs, department leaders, ...

This is an advanced level course of ECBPM. The prerequisite for this course is ECBPM Foundation level course.

The price includes access to the learning system, a tutor support, an exam and a certificate.
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All packages include ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) exam & certificate fees.
The course is opened for 6 weeks. You can begin anytime (except for live training)
  • How to use virtual classroom sample
  • How to navigate and use e-learning system
  • Section 0: Introduction
  • Introduction
  • E-learning outline and schedule sample
  • Certification levels and structure
  • Extended Introduction, training structure and performance criteria
  • Introduction (short quiz)
  • Communication with tutors
  • Section 1: Process analysis and simulation (Unit 1 Element 5)
  • Introduction to process analysis and simulation
  • Video: Process simulation example (BizAgi)
  • U1E5 Process analysis and simulation (presentation)
  • Short test 1.1.: Process analysis and simulation
  • U1E5 Assignment instructions
  • Assignment example: Process cost analysis
  • Assignment submission 1.1: Process analysis
  • Simulation video (Bonita example)
  • Additional reading (process simulation)
  • Short test 1.2.: Process analysis and simulation
  • Assignment example: Process simulation report
  • Assignment example: Process simulation report (BONITA)
  • Assignment submission 1.2: Process simulation
  • Survey(1): your opinion matters!
  • Section 2: BPM and Enterprise Architecture (Unit 2 Element 2)
  • Introduction to BPM and Enterprise Architecture
  • Video: introdution to EA
  • U2E2 BPM and Enterprise Architecture (presentation) sample
  • Additional reading (EA)
  • Short test 2.1.: BPM and Enterprise Architecture
  • Example 1- high level process map sample
  • U2E2 Assignment instructions
  • Assignment submission 2.1: Design a high-level overview of your processes
  • Survey(2): your opinion matters!
  • Section 3: BPM and IT integrations (Unit 2 Element 3)
  • Introduction to BPMN and IT Integrations
  • U2E3 BPM and IT integrations (presentation)
  • U2E3 Additional - Bonita Studio Architecture
  • U2E3 Additional - ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
  • Short test 3.1.: BPM systems and IT integration
  • U2E3 Assignment instructions
  • Assignment submission 3.1: Prepare an executable process
  • Survey(3): your opinion matters!
  • Section 4: BPM models, frameworks and standards (Unit 3 Element 3)
  • Introduction to BPM models, frameworks and standards
  • U3E3 BPM models, frameworks and standards (presentation)
  • U3E3 Additional reading (BPMM)
  • Short test 4.1.: BPM models, frameworks and standards
  • U3E3 Assignment instructions
  • Assignment submission 4.1: Assess the maturity of the processes
  • Survey(4): your opinion matters!
  • Section 5: Assignments (foundation level upgrade modules)
  • Additional reading
  • ADV final exercise instructions
  • Final assignment submission: Prepare management system manual
  • Survey(5): your opinion matters!
  • Where to go from here?
  • Section 8: Certification info
  • ECQA - European Certification and Qualification organization
  • ECQA ECBPM certification process
  • Communication area
  • Communication with tutors
  • Communication with participants
  • Section 9: Exam info
  • Don't forget: Certificate of course completion
  • Self test and exam info
  • The exam: step-by-step instructions
  • Apply for the online exam
  • Remote Proctoring Quick guide
  • Remote Proctoring Exam policy
  • Section 10: Training materials in other languages
  • ECBPM-Foundation priro─Źnik(SI).pdf
  • ECBPM-Advanced priro─Źnik(SI).pdf
  • Section 11: Practice test
  • Practice test ECBPM-A, all questions
  • Section 12: New & beta content
  • New & beta content - introduction
  • ECBPM-U2.E3 Additional - ProcessMaker
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed