{first_name}, if you are an innovative company who wants to push its product on the market, EIC accelerator pilot (former SME instrument) programme might be a good choice.

A challenge for you, {first_name}!

What kind of projects should be submitted for EIC Pilot funding (in relation to project maturity phases)?

Please match the pairs!

P.S. If you plan to become EIC Accelerator proposal writer, here is a great resource for you: Annotated proposal template

P.P.S. Here is a 'sidequest' for you: Free video course about SME Instrument Accelerator by Odobreno 

EIC Horizon prizes   
   Competition in selected topic (e. g. Low cost space launch)
EIC Pathfinder Pilot (Open)   
   Early phases of groundbreaking research (specified topic)
EIC Fast track to innovation   
   Business concept → market ready product
EIC Accelerator Pilot   
   Early phases of groundbreaking research (any topic)
EIC Pathfinder Pilot (Proactive)   
   Close-to-Market innovation activities with high impact