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Sustainability Manager - Foundation

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Sustainability Manager (foundation level).

Become a leader in sustainability management!
Learn about sustainability basics, social responsibility, life-cycle assessment and costing, product and service sustainability,

Explore environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability.

Help your organization to become a trusted partner in the most important aspects of the management.

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The course is opened for 6 weeks. You can begin anytime (except for live training).
  • Section 0: Let's start!
  • Introduction to e-learning
  • How to use the virtual classroom sample
  • How to navigate and use e-learning system - details
  • Warmup: Tell us more about yourself
  • Certification process at a glance sample
  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 1 introduction
  • Course content - overview sample
  • Sustainability explained through animation
  • Sustainability easily explained (explainity┬« explainer video)
  • Section 1.1: Dimensions of Sustainability (economic, ecologic and social)
  • Section(1.1) Introduction to dimensions of sustainability
  • Slides(1.1) Dimension of Sustainability sample
  • Test(1.1): Dimensions of Sustainability (economic, ecologic and social)
  • Assignment(1.1): Dimensions of sustainability
  • Survey(1.1): your opinion matters!
  • Section 1.2: Standards and norms
  • Section(1.2) Introduction to standards and norms
  • Slides(1.2) Relevant standards
  • Test(1.2): Relevant Standards and Norms
  • Assignment(1.2): Standards and norms
  • Survey(1.2): your opinion matters!
  • Section 2.1: Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP)
  • Section(2.1) Introduction to RECP
  • Slides(2.1) RECP Resource Efficiency Cleaner Production
  • Test(2.1.1): Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Methodology (RECP)
  • Test(2.1.2): Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Methodology (RECP)
  • Assignment(2.1): RECP root cause analysis
  • Survey(2.1): your opinion matters!
  • Section 3.1: Introduction to Social Responsibility
  • Section(3.1) Introduction to social responsibility
  • Slides(3.1) Social Responsibility
  • Test(3.1.1): Introduction to Social Responsibility
  • Test(3.1.2): Social Responsibility
  • Assignment(3.1): Social Responsibility
  • Survey(3.1): your opinion matters!
  • Section 3.2: Social Impact Assessment
  • Section(3.2) Introduction to social impact assessment
  • Slides(3.2) Social impact assessment
  • Test(3.2): Social Impact Assessment
  • Assignment(3.2): Social impact assessment
  • Survey(3.2): your opinion matters!
  • Section 4.1: Life Cycle Concepts
  • Section(4.1) Introduction to understanding the Life Cycle
  • Slide(4.1) Understanding of the Life Cycle
  • Test(4.1): Life Cycle Concepts
  • Assignment(4.1): Understanding of the Life Cycle
  • Survey(4.1): your opinion matters!
  • Section 4.3: Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Section(4.3) Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment
  • Slides(4.3) IntroductionToLCA
  • Test(4.3): Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment
  • Survey(4.3): your opinion matters!
  • Section 5.1: Innovation for Sustainability
  • Section(5.1) Introduction to innovation for Sustainability
  • Slides(5.1) Innovation for Sustainability
  • Test(5.1): Innovation for Sustainability
  • Assignment(5.1): Innovation for Sustainability
  • Survey(5.1): your opinion matters!
  • Section 5.2: Business Models Innovation for Sustainability
  • Section(5.2) Introduction to Business Models Innovation for Sustainability
  • Slides(5.2) Business Model Innovation for Sustainability
  • Test(5.2): Business Models Innovation for Sustainability
  • Assignment(5.2): Business Model Innovation for Sustainability
  • Survey(5.2): your opinion matters!
  • Section 5.4: Strategic Sustainability Management
  • Section(5.4) Introduction to Strategic Sustainability Management
  • Slides(5.4) Strategic sustainability management
  • Test(5.4): Strategic Sustainability Management 1st part
  • Test(5.4): Strategic Sustainability Management 2nd part
  • Assignment(5.4): Strategic Sustainability Management
  • Survey(5.4): your opinion matters!
  • Section 5.6: Leadership in Sustainability (U5.E6)
  • Section(5.6) Introduction to leadership in Sustainability
  • Slides(5.6) Leadership in sustainability
  • Test(5.6): Leadership in Sustainability (Part 1)
  • Test(5.6): Leadership in Sustainability (Part 2)
  • Assignment(5.6): Leadership in Sustainability
  • Survey(5.6): your opinion matters!
  • Section 6: Communication area
  • Communication area
  • Section 7: Course conclusion and exam info
  • Don't forget: Certificate of course completion
  • What is ECQA (European Certificaton and Qualification Association)?
  • The exam: step-by-step instructions
  • Remote Proctoring Exam policy
  • Remote Proctoring Quick guide
  • Where to go from here?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever